STACK ACTUATOR (Multilayer Piezoceramic Actuators)


1. Application field
Stack actuator (S-I50-11C), as an accurate displacement controlling equipment, can be wildly used in optics, electron, semiconductor, machinery, aviation, living beings, medical science and genetic engineering field, etc. Many super thin advance piezo-ceramic material chips were felted together to obtain the best specification such as high sensitivity, quick response speed, low driver voltage, great displacement, great driving force, best repetitiveness and high dependability.

2. Type

3. Construction
Unit: mm


The outer cover can be chosen according to the customer's demand. It can be Titanium alloy and etc.

4. Specification
The following table lists the characteristic values of the stacks made of the material PZT-5X45 with the size of 5.1mm x 5.1mm x 18mm


Material Unit PZT-5X45
Thickness of ceramics t (mm) 0.11
Number of ceramics n 150
Total length L (mm) 18
Side length L (mm) 5.1
Capacitance C(μF) 1.1
Insulation resistance R(MΩ) 50
Driving voltage V(v) 150
Displacement D(μm) 18
Force F(N) 1000
Electrode ( + ) - Red wire
Electrode ( - ) - White wire

Character curve (Type:S-150-11C)

5. Tests condition
Change of temperature
30 minutes at -40℃ and 30 minutes at +65℃, 5 cycles
☆ Displacement within 5% of value
☆ Capacitance within 20% of value
☆ Resistance morn than 50 MΩ
Damp heat
65℃,85%RH , 24h
☆ Displacement within 5% of value
☆ Capacitance within 20% of value
☆ Resistance morn than 1 MΩ

6. Notice
We have another kind of stack actuator (S-150-20C) with material of PMN-PT single crystal. This stack actuator has more displacement (60um) at the same driver voltage (150VDC). The output force is 400N, which is a little lower than S-150-11C.
Type Materials Size Driver Voltage (max) Displacement(max) Force(max)
S-150-11C PZT-5 5×5×18mm 150v DC 18μm 1000N
S-150-20C PMN-PT 5×5×42mm 150 v DC 60μm 400N

Working temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃
Storing temperature: -30 ~ 85℃



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