Artificial Crystals


Quartz-crystal is one of the crystals which are composed of silicon and oxygen elements. Crystal is also the material can made of oscillator, sensor components, optics element in optics and modern electron industry. For example, it can be used in producing the components of the communication system, which is the important part of most clocks, watches, computers and microprocessor. As its pureness, sizes and performance is controllable, artificial Crystals are good supplement of the natural crystals. According to the different applications, the quartz stick can be cut into quartz flakes and blocks through the special crystal directions. 

Primary features:
Quartz crystal is one of functional materials which are produced through water-heating method. It has excellent piezoelectric and optical performance, high physical and chemical stability and hardness with left-right-spin structure, and good transparency in 0.15-4μm.

Crystal system:Six sides

Character factor:> 2.4×106

Pack body: :I grade, Ia grade

Erode tunnel density::< 200/cm2


melting point:1470℃

Mohs scale: 7

Young's model quantity: 97.2GPa(//Z), 76.5Gpa(⊥Z)

Refractive index::1.544 – 1.553

Main component :SiO2

Transparency range(u):0.147-4.5

Heat conductive rate:255(50)//c 148(50)⊥c

specific heat:0.188(12-100)


It has many characteristics such as: piezoelectric, oscillation, memory, expansion, conversion and focalization.

Application Field: 
It can be made into prism, sieve-light flake, polarization flake, wave flake, revolve-light flake and so on. It also has great amount of applications in wave and sound surface-wave oscillator, resonator and filter. 





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