Water valve disks

Valve Disks





We supply large quantity of ceramic valve disks every year.
Most of our customers come from America, Italy and other European countries.
Our ceramic valve disks are popular with their good performance in the high temperature, good insulating property and longevity.
We can also produce the irregular ceramic products according to customer’s drawing.

Alumina ≥ 95%

Hardness HV5 ≥1050

Density g/cm3 ≥3.6

Bending Strength >=3200 Kgf/cm2
(room temperature)

Pressure resistance>=13500 Kgf/cm2
(room temperature)

Fracture Toughness >=4 MPa*m1/2

Water Absorption: 0

Color: White

Highness <= +/-0.03

Levelness <=0.02

Levelness of Machined Surface <0.6μm(aperture<2)

Surface roughness(Ra) <=0.3μm

Surface contact area ratio 60<=ta<=80 ta(optically measured)









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